Do I need to print a ticket/invoice?

It is not required but you can do so. Simply bring a form of Photo ID with you. You will be asked for your personal details and booking information at the reception and we'll look you up in our system and check you in.


Will you provide me with an invitation letter for a UK Visa?

Unfortunatley due to the camp size and the legal obligation, we do not offer this. It is up to you to be allowed into the UK only. You may use your PDF order invoice if that helps, but will not get direct support from Druapl Camp London.


Can I cancel my booking?

Our refund policy states that tickets are non-refundable. However, we make it very easy to transfer your ticket to another person. Please send your transfer request to our help desk


Can I get a VAT receipt?

We're not a large enough organisation to warrent being VAT registrered. Thus we dont charge VAT.


How do I get a PDF invoice for my order?

Log into "payments.drupalcamp.london", go to your orders page and you will be able to download an offical PDF invoice.